A Day In The Life of A Creative Entrepreneur Mom

5:00am The dreaded alarm goes off.  

Confession:  I keep a 2nd one set at 5:30am in case I fall back asleep.

I spend all of 30 - 45 minutes getting myself ready for the day.  And the next few hours getting the kids up and to school.  They’re involved in sports so 6:00am practices are not out of the ordinary.  

The good thing is that they begrudging let me listen to my favorite podcasts on the way.  I turn it up as loud as I want on the way back home though!  Oh yes I do!

7:00am I post to Instagram for my 2 accounts (photography business and this blog).    Everything is preplanned with this amazing tool.  It saves me so much time.  

I try to check my calendar to refresh my mind and understand how my day will go.  I do this while the kids are eating breakfast and getting ready for school. 

I then update my Trello Boards with my Top 3 Tasks for the day and any ideas that are lingering in my head.  See how I use Trello here in this blog post.


Workout (not as often as I should) & sometimes I just waiting until the afternoon.  It depends on whether I have deadlines or not.

I skim email first thing.  Notice I said “skim”.  I try very hard not to get bogged down in email at this time.  This is just to handle any urgent issues that may have popped up overnight.

Next thing, I eat that frog (do the thing I don’t want to do first) - Client work, design work, processing orders.  The Eat That Frog theory came from Brian Tracy’s book named just that.  Basically do the thing that you are least looking forward to first thing in the morning because after that everything else will seem easy.  Don't take that the wrong way now!  I love my client work, but it's tough sometimes.  Haha!

Play with dogs.  Because I need the break probably more than they do!

Midmorning:  I try to get dinner in crockpot at least a few days a week.  Or at least figure out a plan.  Bacon and eggs anyone???


Now, after this time of day, my days are all different.  

I batch everything!  So each day is usually focused on one or maybe two different areas of business / life.


Some of my batch work days:

  • Outlining blog posts

  • Writing blog posts

  • Editing & graphics

  • Styled stock shooting 

  • Social media planning / marketing

  • Client days (photo shoot, consults or design / order appointments)

  • Podcasting days to come soon too :)

  • Personal errands

After I work a few hours on my main task for the day I will update Tailwind & Board Booster for Pinterest.  I am amazed at the results I’ve gotten with just working 30 minutes a day with these 2 tools.  It's crazy!  And I'm so happy to not be on social media all day long anymore.  

Play with dogs again.  This is basically all day.  They are relentless.

Email & calls are handled shortly after lunch each day.

Mid-afternoon:  Engage with other bloggers and professionals in the industry - Facebook groups, blog & Pinterest commenting.  I love this part because it feels like I’m just playing instead of working :)

Evenings:  These consist of all the normal mom duties:  picking up kids, sports practices & games, dinner . . .

Mama Time!  After the kids are settled I try to read or catch up on a course I am taking.  Continuing Education is so important. Right now I’m going through Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing & I’m learning so much!!

9:00 I crash.  Hence, my shirt.  It's from Saturday Morning Pancakes btw.  They're pretty cool ;)