How To Keep Your Senior Model Team Engaged All Year Long

Teenagers are tough, right? Today’s teens are busier than ever and easily distracted! It’s just how they are wired now and it’s the world they live in. So we have to meet them where they are!

Running a successful senior model team can be a challenge. Keeping your senior girls engaged is probably harder than getting them to show up to events on time! And once they have their images it can be like a ghost town. Been there!!

So how do we keep our senior model team engaged?

Simple. We create community. We give them the opportunity. And we stay consistent.

As a mom of 3 boys who are constantly on the go I don’t have the time for multiple group shoots and monthly events with our senior model team. Maybe I will during another season of life, but for now I’ve found ways to keep our girls talkative and “in it” long after their model shoot.

How To Keep Your Senior Model Team Engaged

The most important thing is to give them a place to “hang out”. We use an app called Group Me for our girls. It’s an easy texting app that allows you to not only chat but create events and polls. Plus it has fun features like gifs and video too. The girls love it and it’s an easy place to keep info in one place.

Here are 5 simple ways to create community in your Senior Model Team Program using GroupMe:

  1. Question of the Week - Ok, these can be silly or just opinion based or maybe even about a specific topic. Some of our most popular ones revolve around food! I mean, we all gotta eat! Ask them what their favorite ice cream flavor is, their favorite song right now, night owl or morning person. You get the idea. Just give them something to talk about!

  2. Polls - These are great for anonymous voting for things that you want their opinion on but they don’t necessarily want their name attached to it or for something quick, like does Wednesday or Thursday work best.

  3. Inspirational Quotes - Now, they may not comment much, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention. Sometimes these can spark a conversation. Sometimes you’ll just get likes, and that’s ok! Just remain consistently in front of them.

  4. Celebrate Them - We make a big deal out of birthdays in our studio. They are all added to our Google Calendar to repeat annually. Session days are easy too. Let them know when one of the other girls’ session is coming up and to watch behind the scenes on your Instagram. Give them a shout out if you see something their mom posted to Facebook about them like getting accepted into a college or any other big accomplishment. Celebrating in your group app together is fun as the sweet comments and funny gifs start to roll in. It’s a great way to make someone feel special.

  5. Ask them what they have going on - This is such a simple and easy thing. Be interested in their lives. Maybe they have finals, they’re prom dress shopping or they have a big game. Cheer them on and the other girls will rally around too!

    BONUS IDEA: Model Takeover!

    Let your girls take the lead for the week. This gives you a break and gives them some leadership skills. Plus it lets you get into the mind of a teenage girl. It’s been a long time for some of us! Haha!

What’s some of your favorite ways to keep your model team engaged? We’d love to chat with you about it!

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The Top 5 Things To Outsource In Your Senior Photography Studio

Giving up control of things is not an easy thing to do. Especially when you’ve done it all for so long. You feel like it’s easier, faster and cheaper to just do it yourself! Right?! But guess what? That’s the problem. You will be doing EVERYTHING yourself. And there is only so much of you to go around.

Over the years I have outsourced more and more in our senior studio. It’s a little addicting at this point! It has given me so much peace of mind and personal time back. There’s nothing like it y’all! If you are on the fence, let me try to convince you that outsourcing is the only way to go :)

So what are some things you could outsource in your senior studio? I’m glad you asked!

The Top 5 Things To Outsource In Your Senior Photography Studio

The Top 5 Things To Outsource In Your Senior Photography Studio To Maximize Productivity And Profits:

  1. Editing & Retouching - Turning over our editing and retouching to professionals is by far the best decision I’ve ever made. Was it an easy one to make? Nope. Was there an adjustment period? Yep! But I’m so happy I finally did it. Outsourcing image editing has saved me countless hours of work and given me my life back. Some of my favorite companies to work with are Indy Pro Touch & Rebooku. You can save 10% off your first Rebooku order by using code RefcM7k4li at checkout.

  2. Album Design - I have to give it to Rebooku again for album design. They have beautiful templates for senior albums and have great turn around time on the design work as well. But if you have someone in house to do album design for you, I would recommend using Fundy for custom album design. It’s very user friendly and has helped us cut our design time and costs so much.

  3. Client Management - Gone are the days of spreadsheets, notebooks and word templates. We have been using Honeybook for our client management and absolutely love the freedom and confidence it gives us in the studio knowing we aren’t letting anything fall through the cracks with any client. It’s a lifesaver! Honeybook is giving our readers 50% off their first year with them! How awesome is that?!

  4. Legal - Sure you could write your own contract with your studio’s policies and procedures. But do you know if you’re really covered? I doubt it. I did this for years and never felt safe. Since purchasing our studio contract through The LawTog I feel so much more confident. And yes, it has saved me a time or two with troublesome clients. A studio contract written by an attorney who specifically works with professional photographers is worth every penny!

  5. Branding - Our website and marketing materials set the tone for how potential clients will receive us and for how much they can expect to pay for our services. If you have a flawless professional and artistic design, they will expect to pay a premium. Modern Market to the rescue! They have a site full of Logos, Branding Collections for your marketing materials as well as SquareSpace and ProPhoto Website Design Templates.

Find your wheelhouse. And outsource the rest. If you can make more money in the time it would take you to do some of these things, then it’s a no brainer. Do the things that bring in sales - like shooting - you know, that thing you were in love with way back when you started this business? Yeah. Do that.

Anything else you outsource in your studio? I’d love to know!

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In Person Sales vs Online Sales

There was a time in my life where I needed the simplest sales model ever for our studio. I chose all inclusive sessions and online sales, basically shoot and burn. It worked fine for a while, but I knew I was giving up income. When life settled back down I went straight back to In Person Sales (IPS) because I had seen the value and increased income from it before. Best decision ever!

As a photographer who has gone both routes, I can definitely say that there are HUGE benefits to In Person Sales, and I will never go back to online galleries.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each method.

Online Galleries / Shoot and Burn Method:


  • It’s simple and easy (if you set it up well and get your money up front)


  • Sales are capped

  • Clients take FOREVER to get back with decisions

  • Images are copied or stolen

  • Full editing is necessary before galleries are released

  • Client reactions to their beautiful images are never seen

  • Quickest way to burn out

I could go on and on. There are just too many to list.

In Person Sales Method:


  • Full control of the sale

  • It’s easy to up-sell

  • Immediate feedback from clients

  • You can help your clients decide which images will work best for them - for their wall galleries, albums, graduation announcements, etc.

  • The sale is finalized that day, no more decision making

  • Only minor editing is needed for the image reveal, final edits are on purchased images only


  • It can take some time to get comfortable running the sale

  • It does take another appointment for both you and your client

  • There is a learning curve for overcoming sales objections

The Value of In Person Sales

You may not realize it yet, but there is so much value in offering this service to your clients. There is a huge difference in a client clicking an email to open a gallery on their tiny laptop versus sitting back to watch a beautiful slideshow unfold to soft music in front of them on a big screen. These are completely different experiences which lead to completely different sales.

Your client will be overwhelmed and know nothing else to do with the images in her gallery other than to share them on facebook or instagram. Guiding her through the session premiere will help her envision all the possibilities and combinations of that artwork up on her walls.

In the Session Premiere you can compare the images side by side, help her decide which ones will look best together, what size will be perfect for her piece in the foyer and so many other things. This takes such a weight off of her shoulders because she trusts your expertise to help her make the right decisions for her family.

This is truly an invaluable service for your clients. If you want to give your clients a premium experience then choosing In Person Sales is the way to go. And because of this service you can charge a well deserved premium price.

Let’s Talk Real Numbers

Even when I had all inclusive sessions I wasn’t a “cheapo” mom with a camera. I had 3 collections way back then: $900, $1200 & $1500. Clients usually bought the middle and top collections. But I was stuck. Nobody ever spent any more than $1500.

Now with In Person Sales our senior collections start at $1250. Last year our senior average was $4250, and some of our top sales hit 7k. Not too shabby, right? Do I feel like I was tricking our clients? Selling them something they didn’t want? Absolutely not!! With IPS we can actually talk through what our clients want for their home. Our clients hire us (and I’m talking about ALL OF US) for our artistic vision. They trust us to create something beautiful that they can display in their homes and hand down to their children one day. If we just load their images to an online gallery we are doing them a complete disservice. We need to see them through to the very end of the portrait process, until those canvases are hanging on their walls.

If you are struggling with finding the confidence to charge what you are worth, do yourself a huge favor and read Worth Every Penny by Sarah Petty. It’s a game changer for every photographer out there.

How To Transition From Online Sales To The Session Premiere - at your studio or in their home

The Session Premiere (Image Reveal, Ordering Appointment, whatever you choose to call it) is my 2nd most favorite day of the portrait process. It’s exciting to see our clients’ reactions to their images as they relive the session day and think about how much their baby has grown up. With online galleries all of that emotion is lost and rarely seen or even talked about.

When booking new clients this will be easy. You just explain to them the ordering process. For transitioning previous clients to your new method, it may be a bit of a challenge. But don’t worry. You got this! Talk to them about how much you’ve learned over the years and how you constantly want to improve and enhance their experience with you. This is a new premium service you will now be providing for your clients. You may need to stand your ground with some clients, but it’s doable. Just let them know that this is the new direction you are going with your company. Remember, it’s your company. Not theirs ;)

In Person Sales Vs Online Sales. Which One Is Right For Your Senior Photography Business?

Tools You Will Need For In Person Sales

You’ll need to get set up correctly to host your Session Premieres. There are several options, and you can always upgrade software and equipment along the way. Here are a few things you might want to look into though.

Display Options: Some photographers like to display their images on a big screen tv in their studio. That’s what we do. Some like to go with an ipad that their client can hold. If you are going to your client’s home I would suggest a projector and portable screen that’s easy to set up because you never really know what sort of tv or connections they will have at their home.

Software For Sorting Images: I’ve used several software options over the years. A lot of photographers use ProSelect. I did for years and years until I finally switched to Fundy because I like the functionality a bit better. We design our albums with it as well. Lightroom or Adobe Bridge are also good options to use especially if you are just starting out.

After The Sale: A great hybrid approach would be to use ShootProof. Yes, it is for hosting online galleries. But it can be used for choosing favorites in the Session Premiere as well. We use ShootProof after the sale if our clients have purchased digital files. I wrote about all the reasons we use ShootProof here in this blog post, but in a nutshell . . . clients can order additional prints straight from our lab, from prices we set, have their orders shipped straight to their door and ShootProof never takes a cut of the sale. I love this company!

Lastly, you are going to need a beautiful pricing menu. And of course, samples. You can’t sell what you don’t show. So, if you want to sell large wall portraits, be sure you have them! Most labs will have special sample pricing. Take advantage of it. Clients will want to hold and touch the products before they purchase them. This is not the place to go cheap!

I sure hope I’ve convinced you to give up the exhausting and sale stifling shoot and burn business model and switch to the premium service of In Person Sales. If you have any questions or need a little mentoring here please let me know. I’m happy to help :)

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10 Reasons We Chose ShootProof For Our Senior Client Galleries

The majority of high school senior photography clients purchase digital files. Because of that we wanted to offer them the opportunity to reprint their senior images from reputable labs with lasting quality. We needed a tool that would give us flexibility in hosting images, offered printing from professional labs, had the ability to offer digital downloads and could create mobile apps for our seniors, all while allowing us to make a profit.

Enter ShootProof. This studio management tool does it all and then some.

10 Reasons We Chose ShootProof For Our Online Galleries And Proofing In Our Senior Photography Studio

10 Reasons We Use ShootProof For Our Online Galleries And Proofing In Our Senior Photography Studio:

  1. Digital Download Delivery: When selling digital images clients can easily download their digital files through their ShootProof gallery all the while we have complete control over the file size.

  2. Custom Mobile Apps: Clients are impressed when we tell them they can have their very own mobile app included with their senior portrait order. We’ve seen an increase in brand awareness and word of mouth referrals because of the ease of sharing their app.

  3. Social Sharing Options: Everyone loves showing off their beautiful session images and ShootProof makes it easy for our clients to share straight to social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and more.

  4. Emotional Galleries & Slideshows Set To Music: We love creating an emotional experience again and again when our clients browse through their images by adding music. ShootProof has over 14,000 songs to choose from making options endless.

  5. Full Control of Products, Pricing and Print Fulfillment With Professional Labs: Different studios sell different products, and we love that ShootProof has taken this into consideration. We can pick and choose which items we will offer our clients, whether they will be fulfilled by a professional lab like White House Custom Color, Miller’s Pro Lab or Black River Imaging (there are lots of others) or fulfilled in-house. Pricing is also set by us, not the labs or ShootProof. Doesn’t get much better than that!

  6. Commission Free Sales: Since we are talking about pricing . . . you’ll be glad to know that every penny of profit comes back to your studio. ShootProof does not take a commission on any portrait sales.

  7. Professional Contracts & Invoices: Keeping clients connected and paperwork to a minimum is really easy with ShootProof. You can upload your own contract or purchase ready-made professional templates from photography industry leaders like The LawTog and The Youngrens. Clients can sign and pay right from their digital device.

  8. Professional Branding So Your Proofing Site Flows Beautifully With Your Website: This feature is super important to us. We wanted a platform that would seamlessly tie into our existing website. Customizing brand colors and watermarks is really easy. Have multiple brands? Not a problem. ShootProof can support that too.

  9. Automated Emails & Customizable Email Templates: Keeping in touch with clients has never been easier. Quickly shoot an email to check in or set up automated gallery expiration emails and so much more. Automation = less brain power. Yes!

  10. In Depth Dashboard: Quickly get an idea of what’s going on in a glance at the dashboard. Everything is right there - gallery stats, visitor activity, order information & sales history.

ShootProof makes life simpler in our studio.

Ready to simplify and up your sales?


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Top 5 Studio Tools We Use Daily

I’m often asked what are my most favorite tools that we use in the studio. And that is not an easy question to answer, but I narrowed it down to the 5 tools we use the most in our photography business. Below you’ll see products that have great functionality, easy user interfaces, and most have the ability to sync so that they are accessible even when we are out of the office.

Running a full time photography studio and needing team members to be able to access information at different times, these are all important options for us. Plus, it just makes life so much easier even if you’re a one man / woman show!

5 Tools I Use Daily In The Studio.jpg

5 Tools We Use Daily In The Studio To Maximize Productivity And Profit:

  1. Trello - Hands down number one would have to be Trello. I wrote a complete blog post about how awesome this productivity tool is. You should definitely check it out.

  2. Fundy - We use Fundy for custom album design for our senior albums and also for In Person Ordering Appointments. It’s very user friendly and has helped us cut our design time and costs so much.

  3. Honeybook - This is our client management system. We are still learning the power of this beast having moved over to it recently, but I am falling more and more in love with it every day. Our workflow automation is on point with HoneyBook! Get 20% off Honeybook here :)

  4. ShootProof - While we are 100% in person sales we do host images for clients who purchase digital files. ShootProof is perfect for that and they work seamlessly with our lab to offer professional quality prints to our clients. We also create and host our mobile apps for seniors with ShootProof as well. They love these on their phones! So do the mamas!

  5. Photobiz - I’ve been with Photobiz for years and have always been so impressed with their customer service and forward thinking in the photography industry. If any photographer is ever looking for a website Photobiz is exactly where I send them!

So there you have it. These are the 5 tabs that are most likely open on my desktop at all times! Oh, and probably one for Amazon because you just never know when you’ll need to add something to your cart, right?!

What’s your favorite tool you use in your studio?

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The #1 Productivity Tool I Cannot Live Without


If you haven’t heard of this online productivity tool yet, I’m about to blow your minds!  It has changed the way I do EVERYTHING in business and at home.

Productivity | Trello | WAHM | Working From Home | Girl Boss | Creative Entrepreneur | Female Entrepreneur | Simply Successful Creative

Please allow me to introduce you to Trello.  I’ve been using this tool for a few years now, and I’m not sure what I would do without it at this point.

What I Love About Trello

  • It’s free!  The thing that baffles me most is that Trello is FREE to use.  There is so much value in this tool!  I don’t know that I’ll be able to praise it enough in this post!

  • Accessibility - It’s accessible on my desktop, phone and ipad.  Plus it synced automatically.  Can I get a heck yeah?!

  • Everything is in one place - It allows me to manage our home & my business(es) in one location - seriously every area of my life is on my Trello boards.

  • Keeping up with the details - It allows me to stay focused and on track with my projects and goals, down to the little details I usually forget.

  • Works well with others - It works great with other platforms (google drive, dropbox, evernote, twitter, etc).

  • Team collaboration!  With tagging and commenting functionality I can easily make notes or assign items to members of my team or family.

How Trello Works

The main things you need to know about Trello are boards, lists and cards.


Think of a board as an area of your life or business.  Here’s a snapshot of my boards.  A little crazy, huh?  I have boards for my week, my home, my photography business, this blog and our styled stock shop that is coming so very soon :)


A list is created inside of a board.  Think of these as subcategories for the main areas.  

So my week board would have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. . . .

A to-do board could be broken down into calls, computer, errands, home, office, on hold, etc. . . .

A family board could have lists for each member of the family.

You get the idea.  Here's a peek at my weekly queue I have set up for posting to my blogs.


This is where it gets really good.  Cards are the action items in your lists.  The cool thing about cards is that they can be moved around from board to board and from list to list.  

Some other things you can add to or do with cards:

  • Add a due date

  • Add a label

  • Add a checklist

  • Assign to a team member

  • Upload a photo or a file

  • Add links to resources

Are you starting to see the beauty in all of this?  EVERYTHING is literally in one place.  When you are finished with a card it can be archived.  Don’t worry.  It’s not gone forever.  If you ever need to find it again, there is great search functionality within Trello too.

How I personally use Trello 


  • Editorial calendar - Trello is perfect for keeping up with my editorial calendar.  I can see a blog post move from idea to outline to writing and editing it and then on to publishing and promoting that blog post.  And because it works with Google Drive I can attach that blog post draft to the card and always have it handy.  

  • Content management - As bloggers we produce a lot of content, right?  And we are always coming up with a new idea for a blog post, social media or newsletter.  I have found no better way to manage all of that content than with Trello.  I keep lists of different types of content ideas for the categories of my blog (business, home and heart).  And other lists for the type of styled stock I want to create as well.  This method keeps my mind clear and my business and blog organized.

  • Promotion management / workflow - Ever published a blog post and wondered if you promoted it in all of the places you were supposed to?  Ever lose a piece of paper with your little checklist?  With Trello that just doesn’t happen.  I keep track of all of the places I have promoted blog posts right inside the card.  And when my mind fails me (way too often the older I get) I can reference back to my handy dandy Trello card to see exactly what I did to promote that blog post.

  • Affiliate info - If you work with affiliates (and I bet you probably do) you know just how difficult it is to keep up with all of the links, passwords, program info, graphics, html code . . . The list goes on and on.  With Trello all of that information goes into one easily accessible card.  Yes!!!

  • Passwords - OMGoodness!  All of the password rules now, right?!  It’s a blessing and a curse.  I don’t save passwords to my computer.  There are way too many horror stories about that.  But I do have them tucked away in Trello.  I love that my team has access to them there as well instead of saving them to their own computers or jotting them down on post-it notes all over the place!


  • Project Workflow - I think of each client as a project.  And I say that in the nicest way possible!  But I really do have to manage them like a project to be efficient, get our tasks completed and provide the best product or service possible.  With Trello client and project management is so simple.  Checklists within cards makes this very easy.  Being able to tag and communicate with a teammate makes a world of difference too!   

  • Task Management - I keep all of my little tasks that pop up throughout the day in an “inbox” list.  And then I divide them out into separate lists for the places I would be when handling those particular tasks - calls, computer, errands, home, office, etc.  Having tasks in separate categories like this is crazy simple in Trello and it makes me so much more productive in the long run!

  • Automation - Automation is my love language y’all.  If I could automate the kids’ baths I would do that!  Haha!  There are amazing products like Zapier and IFTTT (if this then that) that act as a go between.  If something happens “here” makes this other thing happen “there”.  There are so many options.  You will just have to play around with them to see what works for you, but the possibilities are endless.  One of my favorite things to set up are recurring tasks.  I have an automation set up to post a new card on the 1st of each month to remind me to run payroll and payment plans for clients and another card to create a huge batch of social media images for the next month.  I don’t have to remember to do that.  A card just pops up in Trello to remind me!  How amazing is that?! 

Meal Planning

  • Favorite Recipes - I create lists of different types of meals (crockpot, skillet, grill, mexican, casseroles, etc).  Within those lists are the recipe cards.  I attach the Pinterest link to it because OMGosh I can never seem to find that one particular recipe that I wanted to make!  A checklist of ingredients is pretty awesome to include as well.  

  • Schedule - On Sundays I look at what we have going on that week and plan meals accordingly.  I have an Order Pizza Night card too, just in case.  When I make it to the kitchen I can go straight to Trello and find my recipe.  I love this method.  It makes life so much easier.  

  • Shopping list - It’s simple to create a grocery shopping list in Trello as well.  You can have a list for each category or grocery aisle.  Create a checklist of your staples and add to it as you think of items you need.  When it’s time to go to the store just check off the items on your card as you shop.  Uncheck them for the next trip.  Easy!  No more forgetting that one thing you needed, right?

Kids / Family

  • Chores - My boys are 16, 13 and 8.  They do their fair share of chores around the house.  I love that they take ownership of the things they are responsible for.  It’s not always easy and no, they don’t love it.  But with Trello they can at least see what they need to get done each day and checking off a list gives them a sense of accomplishment.  Mom isn’t nagging them and that is one thing they do appreciate :)

  • Goals - Each year we do list out our goals and try to revisit them quarterly.  It’s fun to look back on them to see what we’ve accomplished and if we haven’t, seeing them right there in front of us is a good motivator to be more serious about getting to them.

  • Bucket Lists - I love bucket lists!  So do the boys.  We try to make them for each season.  Their favorites are summer and Christmas time.  If we find specific things we’d like to do around town we add links too.  I love this because it’s so easy to reference back to.

  • Current sizes / likes - With multiple kiddos who are constantly growing and changing it is nearly impossible to remember all of their shoe sizes, clothes sizes and wish lists.  You know those phone calls that you get, right?  The ones where you have no idea how to answer what your kid wants his birthday.  This is a total game changer!


  • Christmas - Ahhh.  The most frantic (I mean, wonderful) time of the year!  Insert the Christmas Trello Board.  Everybody we buy for gets a card.  I list the gift ideas on the card and when they are purchased it gets moved down my other lists: ordered / purchased, wrapped, delivered.  Hallelujah!  I can keep receipts and tracking info in each card also.  Other useful lists in our Christmas board are wish lists for each child, budget, Christmas card list and our seasonal bucket list too.

  • Maintenance - Oh the joys of home ownership!  Change the air filters, clean the windows, pressure wash, flip the mattresses, declutter the closets.  You know what I’m talking about for sure!  Trello makes it easier to keep up with our seasonal maintenance on the house.  If we have a particular contractor that handles an item their contact info goes on that card too.  

  • Cleaning schedule - If you haven’t outsourced your cleaning yet, Trello can really help with staying on track to keeping a tiny home.  I do wish you would consider outsourcing it though.  I talk about that here in this blog post.  But if you haven’t just yet a Trello list for each day of the week with a list of chores underneath is a great way to manage your household cleaning schedule.  It does make life easier to do a few small things a day than to let it pile up for the weekends.

  • To Do’s - I talked about this earlier with the business, but the same holds true for the house.  I use the same sorts of categories for our personal tasks and it is easier for my husband and I to communicate about what needs to be done when.  This also keeps the “I thought you were handling that” arguments at bay.

  • Finances - I admit that we are not the best budget keepers.  So while I would love to keep a budget in Trello, I just don’t.  But it sure is a good idea, right?!  We do, however, keep track of the vendors, account numbers, websites and passwords for all of our bills in Trello though.  This has really come in handy when their is an issue with an account.  Like that time my purse was stolen, and I had to call EVERY one of them to update our credit card info.  Ugh.  It happens, and Trello did not disappoint that day either.

  • Vacation Planning - There’s always a family trip or cruise we want to take someday.  In Trello we can keep track of our ideas, links to hotels, digital tickets, places we want to eat and other travel arrangements.  Travel is difficult enough as it is.  Being organized with Trello helps the trips go so much smoother.

  • Home Improvement Projects - Trello is a great for managing big projects around your home.  We just finished a remodel and it was so helpful to have everything in one place for contractors, wish lists, inspiration, purchased items, and timelines.  

  • The “In Case Something Happens” Board - Some people have this in a notebook.  I prefer Trello because it is easy to update, and it is always on hand.  We keep a copy of our will, insurance documents and emergency plans here.  It’s something you don’t ever want to talk about, but it is smart to have for every family.

Wow!  That was a whole lot of reasons to start using Trello, huh?  If I haven’t convinced you by now, I’m not quite sure that I can!  Give it a try though.  I promise you life will be a little calmer and you will be much more productive at home and in your business.  

What are you waiting for?  You gotta try it.  Seriously, it’s life-changing girls.




Download Trello for free right here.  

Be sure to pin this post so that when you do start getting life organized with this amazing tool then you can come back to tell me all about it!

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