Honeybook: My Favorite Senior Studio Management System

It used to take me hours to get through all of the steps to bring a new senior photography client on when booking a new session. And inevitably I would forget to do something.

I looked at Honeybook several times in the past before finally making the leap, and man, I wish I had done it sooner. I would have saved hours upon hours here in the studio doing meaningless tasks.

I’ve gone through several client management softwares, and I’ve finally found my favorite: Honeybook.

No more piecing things together. All of the steps of booking a client are handled in one spot - the proposal, the contract, the payment processing - all in one simple email to the client. It has made my life so easy! And that’s just booking a client.

10 Reasons I Switched To Honeybook For My Senior Photography Business:

1. Simple, easy design clients can understand - I couldn’t believe how many less emails and phone calls I got from clients once I switched over to Honeybook. The user interface is so clean, simple and easy to use that there was FINALLY no more confusion from clients on how things work. All they have to do is click super easy-to-see buttons! Woohoo!

2. Project Workspaces - One place for everything! Proposals, Invoices, Payments, Contracts, Questionnaires, Emails, Notes - EVERYTHING for a client’s project in one easy place. No more losing track of where something is saved :)

3. The Pipeline - Ahhh. The magical pipeline. At a quick glance I can see how many sessions are in each phase - session planning, post production, order prep, etc. What I love most is that the project pipeline is customizable so I have created a few phases that make sense just for my studio.

4. All In One Workflows - I’m a bit of a workflow nerd. I fully admit it. And I am just head over heels at how workflow is handled in Honeybook. Adding tasks, emails, questionnaires and brochures are super easy inside any workflow template. It’s so easy to set up and change things around too! Steps can be based on a project date, a certain number of days after a project date or after a previous task is completed. And email can be sent automatically or you can choose to approve before sending. I like to approve email first just in case something comes up.

5. Templates! - How many times have you written the same email over and over again? Not anymore with Honeybook! I’ve created templates for just about everything - proposals, contracts, invoices, questionnaires and a ton of emails. This has saved me countless hours!

6. Google Calendar Integration - This is a beautiful thing, especially if you live and die by your Google calendar like I do. Setting up the integration is really easy, and it’s so nice to have all my appointments in one place.

7. QuickBooks Integration - Oh the joys of accounting, right?! For us creatives it can be a bit of a burden. But Honeybook has taken care of that by integrating the invoicing and payment collections right into QuickBooks for us. Ahhhhh.

8. Branded Contact Form - The Honeybook contact form embeds perfectly in my Photobiz website. It looks beautifully branded just like my website and is a seamless transition for clients.

9. The app! - OMGoodness! My responsiveness to prospects and clients has gotten so much better now that I have a mobile app for our client management system. Contact info is right there in my hands at all times! I can easily respond to send our senior magazine to a new prospect while I’m out and about instead of waiting until I’m back at my desk. Oh yeah!

10. File Library - I keep all of our pdfs for clients in the file library - senior magazine, what to wear guide, face prep guide, make-up tips, etc. It’s so convenient to have everything in the client management system so it’s easy to attach to an email template right there from within Honeybook.

While there are lots more reasons I love using HoneyBook for our senior photography business, I’ll stop at 10 for now. Haha! Just know that HoneyBook more than meets all of our needs. I am so so happy since making the switch for our studio.

Wanna try HoneyBook for free? Yep, free.

Grab your free trial, and then if you fall in love with it just like I did be sure to take advantage of the 50% off your first year by using the link below.

I’m so excited to partner with HoneyBook, and they are so incredibly cool to give you 50% off your first year!!

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