I get so many questions about my favorite tools and resources for my photography business so I thought I'd just list them all here.  I'm continually adding to it so be sure to come back to this page every so often for updates :)




I've had a Photobiz website for years and I absolutely love this company!  Their sites are completely mobile friendly and the ability to change a template or customize it myself anytime I want is huge for me!  Drag & drop features make it so easy to use.  It's a powerful tool and the people behind it are so innovative and cool.  Plus, there is always a real person to talk to when I call.  That is priceless to me when I need a little help.  

Web Hosting


Bluehost is one of the most recommended hosting and domain name platforms around.  Ask almost any blogger about that!  Domains with Bluehost are very affordable!!  At $2.95 you just can't beat it.  Use my link to get that discounted rate.  And that also includes a FREE Domain!  If you are starting a blog, this is the most affordable and easiest way to go, especially for WordPress Blogs. 

Client Management


We love HoneyBook for so many reasons. It keeps us on track with workflow in the studio so we never miss a beat with a client. With so many things to juggle at one time it’s easy to let a ball drop, but HoneyBook keeps us on task. With email automations, Quickbooks integration and so much more, it has been our favorite client management system we’ve used so far.

Task Management


When it comes to task management I haven’t found a better tool to use than Trello. While I mostly use the desktop version, I love that it syncs with my mobile app and has tons of plug-ins making this already awesome tool a complete powerhouse for keeping up with to do’s. Think Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slack, etc. I use Trello for our studio, blogs and personally for my family. See more about how I use Trello to stay productive in this blog post.



I can’t even begin to add up the hours of my life I have gotten back since outsourcing our image editing to Rebooku. They are professional, extremely fast and do great work! Letting go of control (so hard, I know) was one of the best decisions of my life. Get your life back by handing over your editing to professionals! You won’t regret it.

Use code RefcM7k47li to save 10% off your first order :)

In Person Sales


I don't think I would want to go through an in-person ordering session without using ProSelect.  Having a tool like this in the studio has created a highly level of professionalism and control of the sale.  I have more than made my investment back from this product!  I love creating storyboard and collages right there with the client.  And the room view feature allows us to see what size images to place in our clients home.  Talk about up-sales!  No more "I want the big 8x10" ;)


Recently I have been playing around with this awesome tool for our ordering sessions.  It has a newer more modern feel to it.  Room view is a very nice feature in this tool too.  And it will create slideshows as well, just like ProSelect.  The real beauty of this tool to me is the album design feature.  It is incredible and saves us so much time in post production!  So, while I am still getting the hang of Fundy, I am beginning to love it more and more.  



OMGosh!  Animoto has single handedly saved me hours upon hours in video production! I love creating our senior session slideshows with this product.  It's so easy to use and creates some of the coolest effects you'll ever see!  The hardest part is choosing the music because the selection is huge.  That's a good problem to have though because trying to find good royalty-free music is difficult.  I don't even question whether I will renew my subscription each year with Animoto.  It's a given that it will be well used in the studio! 

Online Galleries and Mobile Apps


Another account I've had for years.  I do not do online sales, but I have had occasions where I needed to host images for clients.  I have made exceptions for out of town clients as well and used ShootProof to conduct a Skype ordering appointment.  But if you love online sales there is no better tool than ShootProof.  We use it in the studio for creating our mobile apps.  Seniors love these!  It is also great for additional sales from family and friends after our ordering appointment with the client.  We can set our own pricing for prints and they are shipped right to the client's door from the lab.  That is crazy awesome to me!

Email List


I've tried several email service providers for blogging.  But when it comes down to it, ConvertKit was built for bloggers and by a blogger. Try it for free here!  It is a phenomenal tool for converting your readers into your subscribers.  I love all of the automations and tagging features.  The ability to re-send emails to people who have not opened them yet is super cool!

Graphics & Marketing Materials


Canva makes creating blog post, social media and pinterest graphics so easy.  I have several templates that make creating new ones very easy.  This is a free tool, but there is a paid pro version, but it is not necessary.  

Jasmine Star's Social Curator

I cannot speak highly enough of Jasmine Star and her genius behind Social Curator.  She creates beautiful images no doubt, but her words steal my heart.  She is such a creative writer and I have learned so much about purpose and engagement with social media through Jasmine.  I highly recommend Social Curator for a boost to your social media platforms.

Styled Stock Society

Unlimited stock photo downloads for life?!  That might sound too good to be true, but with the Styled Stock Society Lifetime Membership that’s just what you’ll get!  Over 1,200 photos in 50+ collections right at your fingertips – yes, please!

Modern Market

When it comes to beautiful marketing materials for your senior studio you don’t have to look much further than Modern Market. From client welcome packets to Adobe Lightroom presets to branding collections, they have it all.

Goal Setting

PowerSheets by Lara Casey

When it comes to setting goals according to your purpose or calling I believe there is no better product on the market than PowerSheets by Lara Casey.  Her goal setting series this year was amazing and I am so glad to have gone through it.  I'll be updating mine monthly and will post my goals progress throughout the year too :)

Social Media Management


Social Media is meant to be social and fun, right?  Well, it can be again.  The secret is in scheduling the bulk of your social media content ahead in batches so you can still engage and truly be social with your followers at other times.  And SmarterQueue makes this possible!  By setting up tons of content in different "queues", this tool auto generates your content based on when you tell it to and to different platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups.  It has been a lifesaver for me!


Oh how I love this Instagram planning tool!  As a photographer a pretty curated Instagram grid and feed is super important to me.  I want my Instagram feed to tell a story and Planoly helps me do just that.  I batch schedule my Instagram content at least a week in advance, sometimes two.  Planoly also has the ability to schedule stories too.  That's huge!


This tool is an absolute game changer for Pinterest Automation.  Everything changed when I implemented Tailwind into my Pinterest strategy.  I'm not in front of my computer all day long anymore manually pinning.  Hours upon hours of my life back!  Automation is key when it comes to blogging and this, my friends, is the bomb.  You can schedule all of your pins, including which boards to pin them to, how often and at specific times for your audience.  We generate local leads from Pinterest all the time! Who knew?! Hello Pinterest traffic!!!  Try Tailwind for free here.