Jena Golden Senior Photographer Blogger Educator

 Hey there my fellow senior photographer!  I'm Jena.

Here's a quick rundown of who I am:

Also, I love jeans, graphic t-shirts and 90's hip hop.

Photography is my passion. I have always loved it, everything about it - the art, the light, the people, the business and marketing. Over the years I’ve given this industry more of me than I should have, to the point where it cost me my health.

I’ve made every mistake in the book:

  • Pricing myself too low

  • Not getting enough of a deposit up front

  • Putting images online before they were paid for

  • Not having systems in place to keep track of information

  • Showing up to a session with no memory card (yep, totally did that)

  • Overbooking myself so much that I was too exhausted to enjoy my kids at night

Today it’s a different story. My business is thriving and my family gets all of me.

Here’s a few key things got me to a 6 figure studio:

  • Knowing my costs

  • Nailing down my workflow

  • Having systems & processes for everything

  • Putting people over profits

  • Setting boundaries

  • Taking care of myself

That last one has not always been a priority. But it sure is now.

If you are one tired, hot mess of a photographer, then you are in the right place. 

We are gonna turn that around!

It is my passion to teach other senior photographers how to plan for success in their businesses.

I've owned my photography studio in Atlanta, Georgia for 15 years now, and I specialize in high school senior portraits.  It hasn't always been easy while raising 3 silly boys (umm, wow), but we've perfected our workflow and systems in the studio so that it is a breeze now! 

Using strategies I've learned over the years in our studio, my hope is to turn yours into a purposeful, productive and profitable senior studio.

Now, let's get down to business ;)